shadow effect

Shadow effect

Shadow effect enhances the beauty of the images and give a view like as natural one. In this process you may add or apply the shadow effect from any corner of the images. Often the reflection misses whiling taking the image. Our professional graphics designers do this work naturally. There are different types of creating shadow in computer graphics.

Categories of shadow effect

Reflection Shadow:

Reflection shadow is absolutely real view of the object. It is also called mirror reflection in graphic design. It just looks like an object putting before a glass. For example, if you put something one shiny background so, it obviously needs to be reflected as if it looks like the natural one and enchanted the viewers. Often the shadow misses for any reasons so, the processing to create of the shadow is called reflection shadow. You may check out our other services.

Our some services are:-

Image clipping path

v  Background removing

v  Image masking

Image retouching

v  Color correction (Wedding post production)

v  Image touch up

v  Beauty/Fashion retouching

v  Portrait retouching

v  360 degree editing

v  Real Estate Image retouching

v  Jewellery clipping

v  Jewellery  retouch

Natural Or Original Shadow:

Natural shadow and reflection shadow are about same, often reflection shadow might be a little bit artificial but the natural one is completely natural. You may add this shadow from under the object, left, right, front or back. So, creating shadow serive needs you for your targeting customers.

Drop shadow:

Drop shadow is such a reflection which is created anywhere of the products as you like. This image drop shadow can easily be made using Photoshop filter and advance tools. Nevertheless, if you want to create 3D quality of shadow then it is not possible to make it. This process makes your products marvelous and you may use this shadow any angle such a right, left, under or bottom part of the products. It inhences your products more menifestetion.

As after removing a product background, it seems that the product is floating and does not look natural, we apply shadow which gives the product a natural looking shape. For almost every kind of product need to creat drop shadow looking them natural such as ring, floating chain, clothes items and so on. At the time of applying this proccessing it needs to remove the background of the images and it also needs to apply masking and clipping path as well. Only removing background, masking and clipping path are not enough. Without background it looks like floating on the air so, it needs to apply drop shadow as if it looks natural features.

Why do you need this service?

If you need the image to publish anywhere like website, reflection shadow makes your images fantastic and looks naturally.It increases the attention of people and brings more visitors to view them. If you make them perfect looking, it will success your purpose what you expect.The CM has skilled man power to serve you.