Mannequin product photography

Neck joining or mannequin product photography is an essential image manipulation service. Through this method, one can create completing view of the images. Often a photographer cannot take the full part of an image. As a result, it needs to create a ghost part to complete those images. Clipping Masking is an experienced mannequin for product photography service provider around the Indian subcontinent with its expertise whose have enough sagacity over the neck joining is also called ghost mannequin service.

Mannequin product photography or Ghost Mannequin service is such a job where joining the two parts together. Especially this job is done for garment products like, Pant, T-Shirt, and coat, vest and so on. Some often the photographers cannot capture all the parts of them, they only can capture front or back part that’s why it is needed to join them together for a completing look. So it needs to make ghost part to for joining, it is done such a way so that nobody cannot understand it is an artificial one. Our royal class team does it beautifully without making any fault.

Why should do mannequin for product photography?

It is very important for everyone who involves with online business like garment. If you have an online garment business then you must need to present your products amazingly and want to give an impressive shape of your products through images. You will be succeeded to win your customer’s heart by doing it. That is why you should do it.

Neck Joint services:

Based on complexity and processing method the neck joint or ghost mannequin is classified into the following ranges:

  • Jewelry neck combination
  • Hoody type joint for example hoody jacket
  • Scarf neck combination
  • 2D example neck joint.
  • 3D exxample neck, sleeve and so on.

Who needs neck joining service?

  • E-commarce business holders
  • Magazines
  • Printing pre-press
  • Ads agencies
  • Printing pre-press
  • Garment or fashion house
  • Textile etc

Why do you work with clipping Masking?

The CM has a special professional team base on nick joining or mannequin for product photography whom are ready to take challenge you offer. We able to delivery your job in very short time. We have a reputation completing quickly and beautifully. We know the value of time. Therefore, we are staying at the top line as an image manipulation services Provider. CM has been engaged with many garment companies, textiles & various online retailing & shipping mall handler. Therefore, if you will be one of the respectful clients, we must be glad. No wasting your valuable time and judge us through free trail. We have been waiting for you. Please stay with us for getting a better service at reasonable price.