About Image Masking

Image masking service is an essential job and it has a great importance in the fields of online base business such as, online product selling companies like e-commerce, print media, film studios, online advertisement agencies, web development companies, online magazine, catalog and logo design etc. So, it’s very crucial thing in this sector who wants to develop their business and profit a lot thorough online and it should be done only by them who are enough experience .The specialists of Clipping Masking (CM) able to provide every kind of image masking service with the help of latest version of Photoshop software to keep up highest standard.

Clipping path tool do not work appropriately in the area of Photoshop masking. So, it needs to Photoshop masking tool for using different way. The professional team of CM can do it like the normal tasks. Image masking service is a little bit critical than clipping path. For doing, this needs to select micro part of the image and remove the background. With the help of Photoshop pen tool we clean each and every edge & portion of the image carefully & beautifully. That is the main them of image masking service.

Categories of Image Masking Service.

Transparent Masking:

Some products need to change its background for inserting on the different color background, while removing the object from original background and insert it on the new one it is very important keeping transparency of the object. If the transparency be held down then the background will be visible through the object clearly and make it natural one and enhance the beauty. Transparency masking is normally applied on transparency products like as glass, sun-glass, and plastic packets.

Layer Masikg:

Layer masking is a basic tool in image manipulation services. It accommodates you to elective tone down the transparency of the layer it pertains.This distinguish from use of the layer transparency pathway as a mask has the competency the electively tone down the opacity of several areas over the single layer and such a tone down of the layer’s transparency through a mask keep normal to the layer itself. By this way it is very easy and interesting technique in image manipulation such as elective coloring masking.

Alpha Masking:

Alpha masking helps you to edit your image partially, if you want to edit or change any specific part of the images this process is perfect for it. It also may describe in another way, in computer graphics, alpha compositing is the procedure of assembling an image with a background to make the appearance of scrappy or total transparency. This is hourly effective to polish off images components in individual passes then assemblies the consequence multiple 2D photos into a single, ultimate image called the composite( masking).

What kind of image needs to masking?

Basically, there are some special kind of image which need masking such as;
  • modeling images of flaying hair,
  • Different kind of tree, flower, natural sceneries etc.
  • Raising animal’s hair, feather, glass, shoe etc.
  • Different type of ornaments and clothes, hair style and etc.
  • Flower
  • Jewelry
  • Translucent
  • Alpha
  • Hair
  • Background color
  • Transparency
  • Advance layer masking.
  • Changing background with different color.

Note: Not only mentioned we do but also all kinds of masking existing all around the world.

Price of masking:

Price is very relevant matter in every job. The CM does the job in logical price. We make sure the best quality you want. The price of masking starts from $1.40 USD, it is not illogical comprising our dedicated labors. We are a highly experienced, So stay with us and enjoy the best service 24 hours you wish.

Who needs to masking?

Essentially, It is highly important who are involved business of photo studio, e-commarce,mzine, logo provider, print media, web development and who wants to spread their business where he/she wishes.

Note: We will do your job again if it does not satisfy you thoroughly even though the is done and you paid us.