Advance Photoshop Tutoroal

In this post we will learn how to mask hair easily. This is very simple task and no need to worry about it.
After reading this article you learn how to mask hair.

Step 1: Open the Photoshop file and then click on File top left side button to open the file.

Image masking


Step 2: This step you have to remove the background using “background eraser Tool” from the tool bar.
To select this tool you need to click the right button on Background eraser tool. And after
selecting you need to brush up beside the hair first without touching hair.


photoshop-cs6 tutorial

Step 3: The you have take a new layer from the “Create Layer Option“.Then take the new layer under
the original layer using muse.

masking tool

Step 4: This step you have press on the “Create new solid color adjustment layer” and select the
“Solid Color” Then select the color you want choice.

hair masking tool

Step 5: Now you have to select the background eraser tool like step 2 and brush up over the hair where the
background visible and removing the previous background under the hair.


Step 6: Select the burn tool from the tool bar. You can reduce the exposure from the 2nd top bar,
50% is okay I think and brush up on the hair again for make the white hair turn into black.

Photoshop-burn-tool             Photoshop-tutorial

Burning tool                                                     exposure tool

Step 7: After finishing burning you have to go to option and click the right button and select the flatter Image.


Congratulations! You have done!



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