Clipping Path service

Clipping Masking( CM) is a world wide and a well reputed graphics design services firm who has a good number of highly experienced and professional graphic designers whom always give their level best and dedicate their experience to satisfy it’s clients by anyway.

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Image Retouching

Image retouching is crying need for making your customers fascinated. This is the most important to enhance your products acceptability to the customers. The online business much depends on your presentation capability of products which

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Photo restoration service

Image Restoration

Image restoration is applied for old and the image with spots, dim contract, dusted, scratches, shadow, light effect etc. Several years ago the images were stored in bromide form such as old memory with family, historic moments and so on.

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Image Masking

Image masking has a great importance in the fields of online base business such as, online product selling companies like e-commarce, print media, film studios, online advertisement agencies, web development companies, online magazine

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Mannequin product photography

Neck Joint

Neck joining or Ghost Mannequin service is an essential image manipulation service. Through this method one can create completing view of the images. Often a photographer cannot take the full part of an image. As a result it is needed to

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shadow effect

Shadow effect

Creating shadow enhance the beauty of the images and give a view same as natural one. In this process you may add or apply the shadow from any corner of the images. Often the reflection misses whiling taking the image. Our professiona

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Photo color correction service

Photo color correction service is very important to make your image looking beautiful. While taking the photographs the color doesn’t appear accurately and it doesn’t create any appealing then it needs to correct the color. The experts of Clipping Masking ready to provide you quality graphics design services.

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Vectorizing services

Raster to Vector

Raster to vector is so much important to transfigure your image from this shape specially for logo or graphic image when it is inapt to put on the website or anywhere else .The CM provides the highest quality of vector image service

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Logo Design

Logo design service is much needed for a business because it conveys of the identity of your business. It helps to acquaint your business with clients. Clipping Masking provides the brilliant logo all graphics design services.

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Creative design service

Creative Design

Creative design is an artful works and it is an important inventing part of graphics design. Our skilled personnel are enough inventing to gift you the best out put and their creativity will impress you, we hope. The CM (clipping masking)

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Photo Manipulation

Image manipulation is a huge range of process. Almost everything has in the image manipulation service such as editing image in multiple ways and gives them different shape. Artistic photo manipulation is inventive and fanciful,

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Advertise Design

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